Privacy Policy

The which is part of regularly develops and provides information content, reviews, tips and news factually. We always check and update every content. The will be the best media for those of you who love air max and sneakers product review.

In the context of user information, we will transparently follow the existing guidelines. With that said, here are a few things to note about how we do our best to provide the best content for our users.

Information Collection

The collection of recorded information will be very basic, we do not collect information that is special. In other words, only access time, platform information used, age, age and geographical area.

All structured collection will be presented by Google Analytic and Google Search Console. And do not rule out the possibility of other search engines.

We will only get data information from 3rd parties. In the sense that each of these data has been processed by the platform mentioned.

As for the information that comes directly to us through will only be limited to the results of 3rd party data processing, comments and moderation.

It should be noted, we do not use APKs that will request access to each platform, so all this information will be managed directly by 3rd parties such as data from search engines.

Use of Information

In the context of information usage, the following points will be useful for you to understand how we work.

The data information provided will be used for content optimisation.

Information collected by 3rd parties will be used to optimise the dissemination of information and the introduction of to the audience geographically, age and gender.

There are personnel tools that refer to the suggestion of content that is suitable for you, and this is managed automatically.

We may use user information to communicate through newsletters.

Disclosure of Information

We do not trade or use your information for other parties.

Basic disclosure of information may be provided, for the purpose of matching adverts carried out by 3rd parties.

We will only use your information for our personal development needs.

Policy Changes

Changes to this policy regarding the use of information will be made periodically with various considerations including:

Progress of

Constant traffic spikes from

Change of management of

Change of ownership of

Based on the information we provide transparently, we hope to fulfil the context of information disclosure for users.

Last Change: 16/04/2024