Content Policy

In the context of the scope of the content policy, we will do our best based on facts and actuals. That way, every content will be updated regularly to provide the best and appropriate results for users.

How We Conduct Research

We conduct research with various available data such as the use of SEMRush, Ahrefs, Google Trends, Pinterest Analytic, and Google Search Console (GSC).

With this data we create content that is suitable for the audience

How We Optimise URLs

From the data collection we have as mentioned in the “privacy policy”, we optimise each content or URL. With the hope that it can be more easily accessed by our target audience.

How we create content

From the research data we conducted, our editorial writers will create content in a disciplined and sustainable manner. In addition, the possibility of using AI will be widely open in content creation. As we know that AI is very helpful in presenting complete information to make more optimal improvements.

How we sort comment sections

Comment sections may not always be available. As internet usage varies, we think of our real visitors. The use of bots for spamming the comment section is detrimental. As such, we will always do our utmost to provide safe and convenient access for users, and root out harmful Bot comments.